Our Vision/Mission

Together with our customers, to become the best in the world in utilizing digitalization and automation


Short History

Bitoreq AB was started in 2016 by its current CEO, Eva Kongshöj The driving force was the ability to quickly create value for organizations and individuals alike.

Through automation, for example, entrusting a rule-controlled and recurring administrative task to a robot. A rapid improvement is achieved without having affect existing ones system.

Today automation in various forms is our core business!

The CEO has the floor

Soon we will be too few to be able to perform the same tasks in the same way as today. (Source SCB). In spite of this, we will certainly want to keep our welfare and do at least as well as today in the fierce international competition. Automation, in various forms, has therefore become a must, for the well-being of businesses and individuals alike!

Bitoreq frees up time so professionals can be professionals!

If you are a leader, I assume that you are interested in leading businesses and people.
– We facilitate the follow-up of your business and create a more attractive workplace for your employees, so you can keep them!

If you work in finance or in the financial sector, I assume that you want to analyze results instead of collecting figures.
– We create the conditions for you to do just that, by automatically collecting data from different sources and serving them, as you want them, on a silver platter!

For example, if you educated you in a health care profession, I assume you want to help people.
– We let your digital staff perform some time-consuming and administrative tasks

If you work with municipal case management, I assume that you want to support the municipality’s residents, relatives, entrepreneurs and tourists.
– We create the conditions for you to do just that, despite the appearance of the population pyramid!

For example, if you working with personnel administration, I assume that you want to support both employees and leaders in a world of change, and so on.

Why Bitoreq?

Only the imagination limits what is possible to create added value. We, at Bitoreq, are professionals in automation and are happy to help strategically, tactically and operationally.

The appearance of the population pyramid and the fierce competition mean that it is in a hurry. Therefore, we strive for a decided automation solution to be operational within four months and pay for it within one year.

Today we can offer our customers both the development of new and already developed automation solutions. Among our already developed automation solutions you will find:

  • Municipal case management, e.g. management of social welfare Bitoreq is one of the few suppliers that offers automation of entire flows, from the resident’s input of data to the municipality’s output production. We automate independently of operating systems. Strängnäs Municipality is an example where, with our help, a lot of time has been saved for value-creating tasks and saved their investment in less than a year. See also our customer cases.
  • Support to economists, controllers and CFO’s
  • Administrative support for personnel administration and managers, for example. time reporting, certification, employment and reporting. This support has freed up time to analyze and support the business better.
  • Automated invoice management – a job that is great for a machine.
  • Image analysis (using artificial intelligence, AI)
  • Handling of information from eg. sensors, cameras, etc (using the Internet of Things, IoT)
  • Handling purchases & orders, and much, much more.

Join us on a very value-creating journey into the future!

Eva Kongshöj, CEO

Out Team